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You. Tired. Of being CEO, customer service AND copywriter. It’s a lot.

No problemo.

Team up with AI (and us) so your marketing slides out when you need it most (and do less to make it happen).

Ready to create content like a MOFO?


You’re a service biz owner, and you love your service business.

You know all the ins and outs of your industry. You’re a pro at making your clients smile.  And you’re always looking for ways to improve, so you try new tools all the time: AI assistants, chatbots, automated bots… it’s an endless hunt for the right tool to uplevel your business.

But then…

You’re drowning in options and time’s tick tick ticking away.

You settle on a tool you *think* will work. 

Excitement quickly turns into frustration when you realise you’ve only just started.

Writing prompts means another darn blank page. More work – and probably not the kind of work your business needs right now.

Isn’t this supposed to be easy??

Hold up, homie.

Using AI is simple and fast – when you know how to use it.

Score access to our stash of copywriter-tested prompts and a mega list of AI tools (‘specially designed for service bosses like you). So all you gotta do is plug and play.

Ready to spend less time thinking about marketing and more time making sales?

what’s in it for you?

AI Street Crew ain’t like any membership you’ve had before. We don’t do monthly masterclasses you know you’ll never watch. There’s no drama-filled FB group. And no promises about epic transformations you never get a whiff of.

Just real people showing you the way. (Our care factor is huge.)


Stroll in and rob our prompt bank.

Loaded with 50+ AI prompts (and growing) to get more from your tech. Written by pro copywriters who know how to dominate AI (who’s boss now Bard?)


We deliver straight-up info with zero fuss.

So if you want genuine advice from pros who don’t fake it – hang with us.



No more half-arsed posts. Get straight-up ‘I dig this’ content in half the time.

Hello engagement boost!


We’ve been around the block a few times.

With 10+ years of combined copywriting experience, we’re pretty adept at crafting content to hit ’em in the feels.

We’ve turned our copy skills into AI prompt writing mastery.

Designed to generate top-notch content, our prompts help you bust down creative blocks. From startup to experienced pro, our AI prompt bank makes every service biz bounce content guesswork to the curb.

Max your AI output and watch the results roll in, pronto.


Get more out of our turbo-charged prompts:

1) Use them straight out of the box. Just plug them into your tool and watch it do its thing. 

Ideal for:

  • time-strapped days
  • when your creativity mojo is lower than the coffee machine on a Friday arvo
  • new to AI and dunno how to create a prompt

2) Use them as inspo or guidelines. Go off on your own tangent and switch up our prompts to craft a very YOU piece of content.


Dunno if you should pay for a pro AI tool or keep using ChatGPT?

Or wanna know how to speed up your video editing?

Need a reliable tool to whip up fresh SEO blog posts?


Get behind-the-scenes access to our private List of AI Tools. The epic spreadsheet we use to choose which software to sign up for (and what tools to avoid).

We call it the Big Kahuna (Big Boss) because it’s got info on 30+ AI tools.

Yeah, we spend a waaaayy too much time playing with tech.

But we love it. And we do the dirty work so you don’t have to – exploring features, reading reviews and testing software to find any snags. 

This ain’t any old doc.

We use the Big Kahuna for our biz, so we update it all the time.

And it’s full of the deets you need to find your next AI pal.

It’s so damn valuable, we only share it with our loyal crew. 

The peeps we trust – like you, homie.


Want to speed up your content creation? Or smooth out your customer service journey? Maybe you need a podcast editing tool or need to amp up your SEO.  

From ads to art, there’s an AI tool for most marketing tasks. Plus a tech jargon break down (aka glossary) so you know exactly what it all means.

30+ AI tools to smooth out your marketing process


At AI Street, what you see is what you get. (We don’t do false and we hate spammy marketing tactics.)

No doubt you’ve been lured by flashy offers before only to find you wasted your dough on basic trash. It’s a slap to the pride and leaves your back pocket burning. Hey, we’ve fallen for it too (even as marketers, who know this stuff goes down).

Which is why we’ll never ever do it to you.

So go ahead and give our membership the twice over. We guarantee we’ll deliver on it.

Pros and Cons

We don’t just tell you what tools are around – we tell you what’s good about them and what sucks. Need tech with a set feature? It’s easy to find a tool dominating it.

Software Costs

Some tools are free, some offer a once-off price and others make you pay every month. Compare prices and free tools so it’s faster and cheaper to get an AI tool you love.

Live links

Every tool listed has the website next to it, so you don’t have to go Googling to find it. (We can’t stand blog posts and review sites that rave about a product or service but don’t include links. Like why???)


We’ll email you every month to let you know what’s changed in the Big Kahuna. So if a tool you’re using gets outdone by another one, you’ll be the first to know!

Tools We’re Crushin’ On

We share our fave tools, why we love ‘em and what we’re using them for.

Fresh Prompts

We drop AI prompts we’re using and how to get the most out of them.

 Sweet Deals

When we’ve got a hot new thing coming out or we’re feeling generous – you’ll get first dibs.

All this for only $12 per month

Cheaper than your fave pair of kicks!

(Srs no-brainer)



High Vibe Sales Strategy Masterclass


Strong Copy Cheatsheet


Landing Page Template


Brand Values Worksheet


Welcome Email Template

What People Say

Kara’s expertise in mapping out and integrating all components necessary for creating, scheduling, and delivering content that resonates with my ideal clients has been invaluable. She possesses a unique blend of technical know-how and intuitive understanding, which she used to develop a strategy that was perfectly aligned with my business goals.

Thanks to Kara, I now have a clear path forward and a renewed sense of enthusiasm for engaging with my clients.

She has an incredible knack for making complex processes seem simple and achievable, which has been a game-changer for me.

Cherie Dorotich, Clinical & Organisation Integrative Therapist

Kara provided both positive feedback on my writing, so I knew what I had previously done well, as well as specific constructive feedback on how to improve it. The tone of the content is exactly what I was looking for and as requested, being inviting and friendly. My website bio is now outstanding and something I look forward to people reading. I feel it represents me both accurately and in a way that will attract clients.

I will not hesitate to work with Kara again or recommend her to others.

Eric Williamson, Unlocked Fitness & Nutrition

She has a great handle on the whole sales process, which is important as she is able to ensure that your copy fits into where your customers are on their buying journey.

Her advice is customised to your business, and to your customer’s purchasing journey – something a lot of other copywriters miss out!

Cris Popp, Laughter Works

Kara was amazing to work with. Everything she did was above and beyond my expectations.

Her ability to translate my thoughts, feelings, and love for my business into words is magic!

Bec Potalej, Lioness Performance

Kara was a pleasure to work with.

She helped us convert more of our website traffic directly to sales calls and online sign-ups.

Thank you!

Jamie Smith, Melbourne Strength Culture

Kara was great!

If you are a small business that is looking to generate more clicks and leads through your website – Kara is your go-to!!

She explains everything perfectly and you get a better understanding of how to get the most out of your website.

Steph Abu Awad, Myo Strength Performance


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