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Build an unbeatable brand

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Brand Values Worksheet


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undecided  Stuck in your own head and can’t figure out what action to take.

undecided Wishing leads or sales were hitting the stats you’d hoped for.

undecided Can’t put what you want into words but know there’s a better way to say it.

undecided Don’t know what marketing stuff you need to create but feel like there’s so much more you should be doing.

Legend – I’ve made this for you.

The Copy Gym is where you’ll learn the foundations big brands are built on. 

You’ll get top-notch advice on how to grow your business and have a friendly, butt-kicking copywriter in your back pocket. (Yeah, I’m gonna make sure you do the work champ. #noslackershere)


(And a kickass Coach)




How good would it feel to see your followers jumping over to your website and grabbing your freebie?

Or your calendar chock full of purdy colour blocks because you’re all booked up?

How about freakin’ loving your brand and how it’s showing up in the world?

Wait – what if you could have all that and more???

Now we’re talkin’.

Lemme get you there.

This ain’t *just another course*

You know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for your clients. So why the heck would you use it for your business?

A cookie-cutter, go-it-alone course won’t help you figure out your marketing or nail your brand foundations.

You need a marketing approach designed just for your biz.

As your Copy Gym Coach, I’ll give you advice specific to your business, your problems and your marketing goals. Together, we’ll make your brand like no other.



I realised it was not enough.

(Copywriting for fitness and wellness brands is fabbo and I’m still doin’ it. I just felt a massive pull to do more!)

While whipping up fresh copy, I saw too many fitness businesses like yours not knowing WTF they’re doing with their marketing. Flailing around, trying to do errrrrrything all at once. Or stuck in paralysis analysis. 

Eating porridge for dinner coz they didn’t get any new clients for the past month and dem bills don’t just disappear.

Skipping workouts because they’re too stressed and exhausted. Busting to just hang with their buddies but can’t, because they’re stuck behind their laptop at 1am wondering how they’ll make this fit biz thing work.

Some of them even quit the fit biz, give up on their dreams and trundle off to do a job they loathe. *sheds a frustated tear*

I couldn’t watch it anymore without taking action. So I chucked some sparkly undies over my leggings, whipped out my fave green pen and got cracking. Spent hours and bloody hours creating the Copy Gym just for YOU.

To empower you to take charge of your marketing (and ultimately your biz direction.)

To unlock your inner selling ninja.

To give you top-notch marketing advice at a fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing agency.

With the ultimate combo of accountability, actionable steps and implementable know-how. Plus some sweet, sweet templates to fast-track your content and copy creation process.

Ready to become your very own kickass marketing manager?

Why did I create the Copy Gym?

X To stop you from analysing Every.Little.Detail. and actually take some friggin’ action.

X To stop you from buying *another* self-paced course. One you’ll pay good money for and never implement.

X To stop you from outsourcing when you’re not ready (bad for you and them). Or delegating to your team because you just need stuff done without telling them HOW or WHY (nothin’ but lose-lose happening there).


Just like a good sports bra

Yep, that’s me. AKA Kara Stokes, your Brand Message Coach and Aussie Fitness Copywriter.

Mum of three energetic, creative munchkins. Eater of lemon tarts.

Yoga fan, beach lover and chick who likes to lift heavy-ish.

Why choose me?

  • I actually give AF about your success
  • Got serious word slingin’ skills (been throwing letters on pages since I was 9)
  • 5+ years of copywriting experience
  • Insatiable curiosity (aka I spend time getting in people’s heads)
  • Your no.1 brand fan, once I’m in your corner you can’t ridda me (would you wanna?)
  • I’ve worked with small biz owners at every level from newbie biz owner to them launching a franchise.

I mean srsly – do I need to sprinkle it with choccy protein powder?

Okay, ‘nuff about me.

What People Say
Kara was able to take the thoughts I had and make it truly flow and come to life. The incredibly smooth process was so much fun and I was able to launch a whole new business off the back of this work in a very timely manner. Thank you Kara, please do more work for me!
Rochene Hawley, Owner & Founder of Women in Strength, Barbell Babes Brigade and Women Who Lift

Kara’s process was much more thorough than I anticipated, and I can see why she operates the way she does. The end result of her work is something I am extremely happy with, and will provide the foundation of my brand messaging long term. She is clear and precise, and her methods ensure that no stone is left unturned. She is friendly and responsive and an expert in her field.
Scott Capelin, Owner & Founder of inLife Wellness Pilates Franchise

The coaching session with Kara was the help and support I needed to help turn my thoughts into words that will connect with my ideal customer. I knew my ideal customer so well, but felt so overwhelmed when it came to wanting to put my thoughts onto paper. Kara was great at helping me overcome this with her step-by-step approach and overall friendly and easy to connect with nature.
Rachel Larsson, Gut & Bloat Naturopath



Marketing your biz is so much more than sharing entertaining reels.

It’s about gaining people’s trust.

Changing the way they THINK about you and what you offer.

And building a reputation for being a legendary brand.

Seems like too much work hey.

Let me get real for a mo.

There’s no overnight sorcery for lightning success or a secret way to do this stuff.

You’ve gotta be relentless. Just like you are in the pursuit of your fitness goals.

So, my biz champ – you’ve got two options.

1. Wish it was easier, keep faffing and fiddling with the itty bitty parts. Maybe someday you’ll figure it out.


2. Step into the ring, put your gloves on and lemme in your corner. 

Ready to knockout your marketing obstacles?

Take your marketing actions from hit and miss to can’t resist

Or you could hire a marketing agency at $2000 for one month. (That’s for a cheap one. Some charge up to $25,000 a month.)

Then you’ve gotta hire them again whenever you need marketing help.

Prefer to keep control of your brand, do it your way and stick to your budget?




Course starts on 8/5/2023


  • Social media long game
  • Social media deets
  • Know your audience and how to relate to them
  • Create realistic brand personas


  • Build an unbeatable brand style
  • Discover your brand’s personality
  • Trust and why it matters
  • Get cosy with selling


  • Knockout content creation
  • Marketing rules you should never break
  • Keys to copywriting
  • Content plan like a pro


  • To niche or not to niche
  • Lead magnet mastery
  • Flex your copy muscle
  • Troubleshoot your progress




8 x Pre-recorded lessons (2 per week) $445
4 x 90-minute live group coaching classes (1 per week)


Voice message support and accountability (Mon-Fri) $350
Unlimited Email support $200
Exclusive Copy Gym HQ access $30
7 Bonus templates $210





100% Money-back Guarantee

Because I KNOW the Copy Gym is a kickass place loaded with everything you need to master your marketing. I’m giving you 7 days to take a peek around Level 1, check out all the cool resources in Copy Gym HQ and see what it’s like to have me as your Brand Message Coach. If you’re not 100% happy with what you get, I’ll give you your money back.

Yep, joining the Copy Gym is 100% risk-free!

Hold up – let me add a few more KGs to the bar.

You also get these ↓


Brand Personas Template


Brand Book Template

Limited spots

Only 10 memberships available each month

Snap up yours before they run out!

Guaranteed Lifetime Access

All membership options include lifetime access for your chosen level and the Copy Gym HQ.

So every time I update a level with fresh info – you’ll be the first to know!

Enter the Copy Gym if:

  • You wanna know how to promote your biz, grow a community and make more sales
  • You wanna be able to ask questions and get personalised answers
  • You feel like your marketing should be better but you’re not sure how to make it happen
  • You’ve done some brand stuff but you still don’t really get it

 This is not your playground if:

  • You can’t be bothered trying to DIY and just wanna pay someone to make it all go away
  • You think businesses who break grammar rules are unprofessional (soz not soz)
  • You think going viral, having a massive following and looking purdy is more important than running a profitable biz


Q. I’m not a PT or Gym Owner – can I still join The Copy Gym?

Yes, yes, yes! Health coaches, yoga studio owners, VAs or Feng Shui Consultants – no matter what service business you run, the Copy Gym is for you. It’s designed to help anyone struggling with their marketing turn leads into sales and build vital brand foundations. (I just talk a lot about fitness because it makes me happy.)

Q. I hate writing and totally suck at it – is there any hope for me?

You betcha! Copywriting is a skill, so anyone can learn it. When you know how to write effective, punchy copy it becomes easier, satisfying and (dare I say it?) fun.

Q. My to-do list is already overloaded – how do I find time for the Copy Gym?

I can’t give you a time machine to add a couple of hours to your day. Instead, I’m teaching you how to write, what to write and who to write for (plus a stack of templates) to save you so much time. You’ll also save money because you’re not wasting cash on ads that’ll never convert, chasing leads who’ll never buy from you or buying online courses you’ll never implement.

Q. Do I have to be available for the live masterclasses?

Yep. Replays will be available but I can’t give you specific advice for your biz if you’re not there to ask questions.

What People Say

Kara was amazing to work with. Everything she did was above and beyond my expectations.

Her ability to translate my thoughts, feelings, and love for my business into words is magic!

Bec Potalej, Lioness Performance

Kara provided both positive feedback on my writing, so I knew what I had previously done well, as well as specific constructive feedback on how to improve it. The tone of the content is exactly what I was looking for and as requested, being inviting and friendly. My website bio is now outstanding and something I look forward to people reading. I feel it represents me both accurately and in a way that will attract clients.

I will not hesitate to work with Kara again or recommend her to others.

Eric Williamson, Unlocked Fitness & Nutrition

Kara was great!

If you are a small business that is looking to generate more clicks and leads through your website – Kara is your go-to!!

She explains everything perfectly and you get a better understanding of how to get the most out of your website.

Steph Abu Awad, Myo Strength Performance

Kara, THANK YOU so much for your help, direction and creation of my new website. You are so professional, warm and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Your experience really shines through and I implore any business owner who needs help representing their brand to work with YOU, Kara!

Jemma McMillan, Allure Beauty & Skin Clinic

Kara was a pleasure to work with.

She helped us convert more of our website traffic directly to sales calls and online sign-ups.

Thank you!

Jamie Smith, Melbourne Strength Culture

Kara has a great handle on the whole sales process, which is important as she is able to ensure that your copy fits into where your customers are on their buying journey.

Her advice is customised to your business, and to your customer’s purchasing journey – something a lot of other copywriters miss out!

Cris Popp, Laughter Works


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