Learn how to blitz your creation process AND get people loving your content

Must-watch free masterclass for service biz owners stuck on the content treadmill.

Want more time to serve your clients, build your dreams and grow your community?

(Or sit back and sip a gin. Go surfing. Pat your pup. Whatever you wanna do!)

No.1 Content Myth

Not EVERY piece of content you publish is gonna win hearts. If you’re expecting every post, podcast episode and email to have people swooning – stop. 

Like, STOP IT.

Scammers and dodgy marketers make you think you should be getting epic results every time.

It’s complete BS.

Around 1 in 6 social media posts are gonna wow your audience – IF you’re nailing your content. What if only 1 post in 20 (or more) is getting a lil applause? Relax homie. You’re doin’ okay.

Does that mean you get to cut all the mediocre posts and just publish the good stuff?

Um no. Soz.

Those in-between pieces still play a role.

They’re not winning sales or shares but they show your audience you’re serious about running a fitness biz.

It says – I’m here for the long road and I show up whether you dance in delight or not.

So turn the pressure down and take a steady breath.

It’s all gonna get easier and a heck clearer when you watch this.

Your dreams of ideal clients hitting your DM’s with ‘You get me!’ is 4 steps away

  • Target – who you’re aiming for and what you want them to do
  • Tone – how you say what you’re saying
  • Topic – choose what to write about
  • Tools – make tech do half the work

In this free masterclass, I talk you through each one, how to leverage them and the impact they play on your content creation process.

Maybe you’ve got a rough idea of your target audience and you know what topics to talk about but writing is slug-slow. Or maybe you get content done but you’re kinda writing for anyone who’ll listen.

Magic happens when you bring all four of these tactics together. One without the others is like a smoothie minus the liquid – kinda works but no one’s rushing to gulp it down.

Had enough of…

undecided Content chewing up so much of your precious time

undecided Thinking you’re doing it wrong

undecided Overthinking every word and struggling to make it all flow

undecided Wondering if what you’re writing really conveys what you wanna say

undecided It all being so damn complicated

undecided Constant pressure to create, publish, create and do it all again

undecided Worrying what the judgey eyes on socials will think

undecided Having content on your mind like fucking groundhog day

Lemme teach you how to get in, get it done and then move on with your day.

Imagine the sweet relief of knowing you’ve ticked it off and done a bloody good job of it too.


Huddled in the corner, your phone tossed across the room. Twitching every time you hear the word ‘consistency’.

You’re trying your frickin best. Showing up every week. Sharing your knowledge with the world.

Posting, publishing, promoting.

Some of it lands. Some of it misses. You don’t really know why.

All you want is an easy way to tell the world you’re goddamn amazing. Sometimes you even start to wonder am I really as good as I think?

This damn hamster wheel called marketing is chewing up your confidence and screwing with your love for your biz.

Not anymore.

I’m gonna bust all the ridiculous complexity and show you – YES, content creation gets to be simple, fast and super effective without drowning your spark.

What People Say

Kara was amazing to work with. Everything she did was above and beyond my expectations.

Her ability to translate my thoughts, feelings, and love for my business into words is magic!

Bec Potalej, Lioness Performance

Kara provided both positive feedback on my writing, so I knew what I had previously done well, as well as specific constructive feedback on how to improve it. The tone of the content is exactly what I was looking for and as requested, being inviting and friendly. My website bio is now outstanding and something I look forward to people reading. I feel it represents me both accurately and in a way that will attract clients.

I will not hesitate to work with Kara again or recommend her to others.

Eric Williamson, Unlocked Fitness & Nutrition

Kara was great!

If you are a small business that is looking to generate more clicks and leads through your website – Kara is your go-to!!

She explains everything perfectly and you get a better understanding of how to get the most out of your website.

Steph Abu Awad, Myo Strength Performance

Kara, THANK YOU so much for your help, direction and creation of my new website. You are so professional, warm and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Your experience really shines through and I implore any business owner who needs help representing their brand to work with YOU, Kara!

Jemma McMillan, Allure Beauty & Skin Clinic

Kara was a pleasure to work with.

She helped us convert more of our website traffic directly to sales calls and online sign-ups.

Thank you!

Jamie Smith, Melbourne Strength Culture

Kara has a great handle on the whole sales process, which is important as she is able to ensure that your copy fits into where your customers are on their buying journey.

Her advice is customised to your business, and to your customer’s purchasing journey – something a lot of other copywriters miss out!

Cris Popp, Laughter Works


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